Affordable UV light to sanitize air and surfaces.





Ready to breathe easy again?

You can spray more and wipe more.
But that’s probably not the best way to spend your time

Ultralight disinfects your business while your work.

Exasperated by non-stop spraying and wiping?

Ready to ditch the chemicals and deploy a state-of-the-art sanitizing system?

Agonizing over the cost of UV light systems?

Are you ready to fight back and take control?

Radical cleanliness is the new imperative
for business success.

Ultralight helps you keep your customers, employees and profits healthy.

Providing clean, healthy air in your place of business doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Our germicidal UV light sanitizing systems are affordable and high quality.

No tools required.
Just plugin.
Power on.
And get back to business.

No noxious odors. No toxic chemicals. The only thing that should knock your customers’ socks off is your product or your service. NOT the smell of your cleaning products.

Designed to comply with FDA-regulated technology. Fast and effective. Destroys 99% of bacteria and viruses.

Ready to breathe easy again?

At Ultralight, we know you’re a responsible business person.

The problem? You don’t have the most effective sanitizing measures to make your place of business safe for employees and customers.

In a perfect world, avoiding people and places isn’t the only way to stop the spread of a virus.

Like you, we felt the daily tension—as if our hands were tied, as if we were helpless to battle the invisible, albeit formidable, foe.

That’s where Ultralight system began.

We’re innovation-obsessed entrepreneurs by trade and stubborn optimists by nature.
So we decided to create a solution rather than accept the status quo.

At Ultralight System, we know you’re a responsible business owner and want to be 1000% confident your place of business is radically clean. (We also figure you’re not funded by Elon Musk.) Which means you need an ally you can trust to provide effective and affordable solutions.

With Ultralight, you’ll get a state-of-the-art sanitizing system that destroys 99% of bacteria and viruses— so you can breathe easy again and get back to work.

Ready to breathe easy again?

Ensuring a clean, healthy environment in your business
isn’t an option. It’s a responsibility.

Here’s how we help you stay safe and stand out:

ULTRA-250 Air Unit

ULTRA-400 Air Unit

ULTRA-1044 Commercial/Industrial Air Unit

Ultralight 6 high intensity surface cleaning

Ultralight 8 high intensity surface cleaning

Ready to breathe easy again?

Germs are a pervasive problem with real-life consequences.

Clean air and peace of mind start with a phone call.

Schedule a free consultation

Tell us about your business and the cleaning protocols you’ve used. Including what’s worked, what hasn’t, and why.

Get personalized recommendations

We provide expert advice tailored to the needs of your business. We don’t just sell equipment: we partner with you.

Get back to business
& breathe easy again

Deploy your Ultralight device and let it clean while you work. Relax. Focus on your customers and employees… not germs.

Ready to breathe easy again?

Still a little fuzzy about the benefits of Ultralight?

We get it. Grab this non-nerdy PDF on
“5 Ways Germicidal UV Light Saves You Time and Money”