Our Product Line

The continued success of your place of business is too important to risk choosing the wrong sanitation system.

Here’s how we help you stay safe and stand out:

ULTRA-250 Air Unit

Take a breath of fresh air!
This unit is perfect for small offices and tight spaces. The Ultra-Air system can remove and kill pathogens from a room at 250 cubic feet/minute. Equipped with a HEPA filter, 2 carbon filters, and 36 watts of UV-C powers to render any viruses like covid-19 or any other microorganism ineffective. Our units are custom made to fit your needs.

ULTRA-400 Air Unit

Time to breathe a sigh of relief. This Ultra-air system is the ultimate solution for large spaces such as restaurants, medical offices, or any high traffic room.
This unit can remove and kill pathogens from a room at 400 cubic feet/minute. Equipped with a Medical grade MERV13 filter and 72 watts of UV-C power inside is “kill chamber” it has enough power to inactivate viruses, Covid-19 included, or any other microorganism.

ULTRA-1044 Commercial/Industrial Air Unit

 Peace of mind and confidence to breath clean air!
If your place of business is a large indoor space the Ultra-1044 is for you.
This system eradicates these contaminants by catching them in our medical grade filter while circulating the air inside a 120 watts UV-C “kill chamber” rendering pathogens and viruses ineffective.

Ultra-6 Mobile High output UV-C System

Hire a professional This is unit is highly recommended for a large office or restaurants. The Ultra-6(controlled via Smart timer with Passive Infrared sensor) is a high output UV-C system that will sterilize the air and surface area the size of a large room, can sanitize a 16 square feet radius in about 5 minutes.


Ultra-8 Mobile high output Smart system

Your best partner for successful industrial UV sanitation system. Ultra-8 system is design for industrial size areas with an effective range of 24 ft radius per session (10 min) for a 99.9% effectiveness at 240 watts of UVC power.


Why Choose Us

Check the reasons why you should choose us among other companies!

3-year warranty

All our systems come with a limited 3 year limited warranty and are backed by a 30 day no questions asked warranty.

Germicidal Fluorescent Lamps

Each lamp are of high quality and manufacture by a world leader in lamp technology. Applications in both professional surface and air disinfection, our UV-C systems offers almost constant UV-C output over its complete lifetime. Ultralight System provides maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy. 


Our systems use High output germicidal fluorescent lamps. Each lamp and air sanitation unit uses from 32Watts to 60 Watts lightbulbs at a length of 12″ to 36″ (depending of system) for use in germicidal sterilization applications. Our lamps produce high UV-C radiation inside the “kill Chamber” to destroy microscopic organisms and render Viruses ineffective, add our Medical grade filters and we have an unparalleled system of protection for our clients.


We proudly manufacture and assemble all our sanitation systems in the USA.

Still a little fuzzy about the benefits of Ultralight?

We get it. Grab this non-nerdy PDF on
“5 Ways Germicidal UV Light Saves You Time and Money”