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Ultralight Systems continuously cleans the air and sanitizes surfaces so you, your customers, and employees can feel safe and have peace of mind when coming back to your place of business. At the center of our technology? Germicidal UV lights. Proven to kill the bacteria and inactivate viruses.

Our products meet the highest FDA regulations. We outperform our competitors in performance, affordability, and practicality. ( UV Lights and Lamps: Ultraviolet-C Radiation, Disinfection, and Corona ) Ultralight products are 100% manufactured in the USA and include a 3-year guarantee. Install it anywhere. No need for a special location. Just unpack it, plug it in and select a speed.

Regardless of the type of business you run, we have a solution for you. Arm yourself with a reliable way to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other airborne viruses. Make your place of business clean and safe.

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“5 Ways Germicidal UV Light Saves You Time and Money”